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Gavin Bottger Wins 2023 Park World Championships

The WST Part Skateboarding Rome 2023 Finals went down this past weekend at The Spot Skatepark in Lido di Ostia as the #RoadToParis2024 for park skateboarders reached a crescendo. Competitors vied for not only the title of world champion but also valuable Olympic World Skateboarding Ranking points, a coveted pathway to the upcoming Games in France. As the competition unfolded, anticipation was high, with defending champion Jagger Eaton leading the charge in the men’s category. However, as fate would have it, it was the young and dynamic Gavin Bottger who stole the spotlight and etched his name into the history book of skateboarding.

In the end, it was Gavin Bottger who stood atop the podium in Rome, basking in the adulation of fans and fellow skateboarders. With this victory, he not only solidified his place among the elite in the world of skateboarding but also signaled that his journey on the #RoadToParis2024 was just beginning. Skateboarding fans worldwide eagerly awaited what this young sensation would bring to the Olympic stage in the near future, and his potential knows no bounds. Congratulations Gavin!

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