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Our second GoPro ‘Skateboarding is Fun’ monthly finalist and winner of $1,000, Andre Delolo, is automatically entered to win our grand prize of $20,000. We gave Andre a call to ask some insightful questions because don’t forget, we are still on the hunt for our next $1,000 monthly finalist and candidate for $20,000!

Last submission the roles were reversed in terms of who was filming and who was skating. Was it always planned you two would switch roles, or was it inspired by winning?

Yeah, it was planned. Regardless of winning or not, we had plans for submitting both videos. The idea was to have at least one video going to finals and since this one is more elaborate and required more time and structure, we left it to make as the second one.

_ How did you arrive at your idea for your submission in respects to doing a line and ending it with making the ball in the basket?_

We were trying to do something different from what we usually find on the web, something original or maybe never done before… Not sure if were first for this one, [laughs].

What was the process in building the mechanism to get the ball in the hoop?

We had to build two mechanisms and the funniest part is the first one was paid for and ordered from a real blacksmith. Except they were supposed to know what to do, but didn’t know how to make it work at all. Things just started working better when we put ourselves in a “do it yourself” mindset. We rebuilt the whole thing ourselves.

The line and mechanism to get the ball in the hoop was well coordinated. Did it take a long time to accomplish? How difficult was it to ride away from the last trick?

Yes, it took about 2 days, [laughs]. This first day we spent it just trying to make the mechanism work, but as I said before the mechanism wasn’t properly built and all our tests failed.

In the second day, we decided to rebuild the mechanism and restart the tests all over again. At first, we weren’t doing anything different, but after tons of adjustments the ball started to go in the right direction… We got the confidence to start recording.

Riding away was totally sketch.  At all other attempts I was hitting the wall. Not sure how I got it but I believe the 50-50 in the mechanism was so precise it gave me time to ride away from the wall. Just enough to see if we had really constructed it right.

_ After your submission how did you feel about your chances of winning?_

We were very happy with the final result but we knew there was a lot of good submissions of people who also captured how skateboarding is fun. We thought we might not win this time, but we believed we had a good chance.

Did you two split the money last time? Will you split it again?

Yes, we kind of worked together. Every prize we earn we are willing to split with each other and we will surely split it again.

How do you believe your submission shows Skateboarding Is Fun?

Felipe and I had a lot of fun while doing this video. After so many tests and attempts, a lot of things went wrong. I believe the last image shows how Felipe and I were having fun.

Now that you and Felipe each have a monthly final to increase your chances, what would you guys do if one of you were to win the $20,000 Grand Prize?

We have split the money in all other occasions and we also expect to split the money in equal parts again. Not about sure about Felipe, but I would like to spend this money to travel and skate in some good cities and places outside Brazil.


With ten days or so to submit your best raw GoPro Clips, our next $1,000 monthly winner is still out there… So call up your friends and break out your GoPros for a chance to win $20,000! Somebody has to win… Why not you? SUBMIT NOW!


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