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Our first’ GoPro Skateboarding is Fun’ monthly finalist and winner of $1,000, Felipe Ariel Peixoto, is automatically entered to win our grand prize of $20,000. We gave Felipe a call to ask some insightful questions because don’t forget, we are still on the hunt for our next $1,000 monthly finalist and candidate for $20,000! Felipe Ariel Peixoto is from Araras Sáo Paulo, Brazil

How did you hear about our Skateboarding Is Fun Contest with GoPro?

Truth is… I am addicted to skateboarding! The Berrics website is a reference for all of us skateboarders so I heard about the contest by following The Berrics’ website posts.

How did you arrive at your idea for your submission? Any inspiration?

I saw some skaters doing some fun tricks with ropes, specifically Felipe Gustavo killing it with some awesome ollies. I was like… I can do that right? So I came up with the idea of doing something with the ropes too. Not, of course with his ability but with some fun. Fun is what skateboarding is about… Isn’t it? [laughs]

What was the process behind your submission? Was it planned or spur of the moment?

Wish I could make it sound cooler, but It was all planned. The idea of playing with ropes was in my mind for quite a bit of time and then I realized it was an appropriate time to finally do it. So we went for it!

How do you believe your submission shows Skateboarding Is Fun?

Because jumping ropes is fun! And skateboarding is even more fun so we just placed the two ”Funs” together! [laughs]

Upon submission how did you feel about your chances?

I thought we wouldn’t win anything! With so many people who skate around the world and with so many fun videos out there, we thought we didn’t have any chance of winning. Good to know I was completely wrong!

How stoked were you when you won the $1,000? Any plans for spending?

I was unbelievably surprised and happy, I wasn’t expecting it at all… And I am still not very sure how I am going to spend the prize money! [laughs]

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about submitting?

Yes, submit! We knew we wanted to submit just because it would be fun to make. And even though we thought we had no chance of winning it was still fun… And look… We won!

Finally, if you won the $20,000, what would you do with the cash? How would you feel?

I would be twenty times happier than I am now, [laughs]. It would be great to have that amount of cash! I am not sure how to spend it but I would love to travel to LA and pay a visit to The Berrics and skate all the spots in the city.


With ten days or so to submit your best raw GoPro Clips, our next $1,000 monthly winner is still out there… So call up your friends and break out your GoPros for a chance to win $20,000! Somebody has to win… Why not you? SUBMIT NOW!


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