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BEN HESS — House Of Hamburgers

“The day I met Ben Hess was the day I sponsored Ben Hess. I was at my local D.I.Y. when he and a few friends showed up to skate. Within 10 minutes of watching him, I knew he had something special, there was just something different about him. He pays no attention to trends or what’s in at the moment, and you can see he does the stuff he likes and feels comfortable doing it. Even tricks that are considered passé or ugly – he really doesn’t care. Besides all that, he’s a genuinely nice human being and would give you the sweaty shirt off his back if you needed it (but trust me, you don’t want it). He never takes anything or anyone for granted (check out his set-up if you ever see him around). He appreciates everything that comes his way and works hard for what he gets. I feel fortunate to have Ben on our team and even more fortunate to be able to call him a friend. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the hard work we put in filming this part.”  – Tim Olson The Friend Ship Skateboards

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