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DREAM CHASER — J Scott Handsdown

J Scott is a dreamer, but more importantly, he’s a dream chaser. Dreams come to those who sleep, but goals are accomplished by those willing to chase them. As skateboarders, we are some of the fortunate individuals who truly know what our dreams are. We’re not dreaming of being lawyers, we’re not dreaming of being doctors, firefighters, or the next presidential nominee; we dream to be connected to skateboarding for the rest of our lives and to support our loved ones while doing so. J Scott, a.k.a. J Scott HANDSDOWN made a name for himself through inspiring us to stay DREAMCHASING. After all, isn’t that exactly why we love our favorite skateboarders? Because they inspire us to learn new tricks and hit the streets? In J Scott’s case, it’s yes and more. Keep them hands down and stay positive is the mantra of this ripper and his wife E’Detria. These two are a model for the support needed to chase your dreams. So without further ado, we invite you to walk with J Scott as he steps through our doors for the first time, unveiling the story of J Scott Handsdown and why he stays DREAMCHASING. J Scott was quick to give us his gratitude, but it’s us who need to thank him for the experiences he gave us during his week-long stay. Remember everyone: KEEP THEM HANDSDOWN! WE OUT HERE DREAMCHASING!

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