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Belgium’s Phil Zwijsen (pronounced [/z'widʒ's(ə)n/]—does that help? Rhymes with “ridge sin”) has a thing for rain. The Element pro’s latest part is a one-hundred percent wet and wild adventure of slippery proportions, taking our biggest barrier to fun and making it our ally instead. We always knew that Phil [\’fil\] had his head in the clouds.

The first seeds for “Waterproof” were planted after Phil filmed an edit for us at Element’s Make It Count in Norway in 2013 (“Hydroplane!”). He shared his idea for an all-rain skate part with Element and it was a done deal. And it just doesn’t get any more perfect than that: “Skateboarding in the water, brought to you by Element.” The company is known for promoting creative approaches to skating, inspiring the community with unique projects. But with “Waterproof,” Element and Phil Zwijsen attempted to tame skateboarding’s once invincible nemesis—weather—and they rode away clean. A little soggy, but clean.

Check out the Phil Zwijsen Waterproof deck (part of his first-ever signature collection) in The Canteen.

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