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IT MUST BE NICE — Cody McEntire

We’ve all been there: You’re at a skate spot or skatepark and instead of skating you find yourself sitting down and watching that one dude ripping non-stop – as you think to yourself – man, it must be nice. I recall one time sitting next to Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington, two phenomenal skateboarders themselves, getting their minds blown by Nyjah shredding for fun, as they said to themselves “it must be nice.” Sometimes there are those dudes who are just so damn good a video part can’t always capture how amazing they really are. You have to see them cruise around in person to fully understand it. Here at The Berrics we get to witness this on the regular, dudes doing video-part-worthy maneuvers just to get their legs warm for the day. Sometimes you just gotta’ take a seat and watch the madness unfold naturally before your eyes. Cody McEntire is one of those dudes, enjoy! – Chase

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