Last Month, Today

LAST MONTH, TODAY — September 2016

September kicked off with David Gonzalez’s epic guitar solo of a Battle Commander and stayed cranked to 11 for the rest of the month! J Scott shared his story with us; and Papa went ProPro. We got a little update from one of our favorite places in the world—Barcelona—with its expanse of perfectly-placed plazas; and The Friend Ship updated us on the state of curbs (they’re still everywhere). The filmmakers putting together the “SAS-Export” videos continue to innovate: Bragg’s short film “Grinding Gears” cleverly makes the most out of a hunk of junk; and Kyle Camarillo asked, “Who wants to spend the day with Jason Adams?” with his video “RUN” (and we asked, “Who wouldn’t?”). Phil Zwijsen brought his mad water-dowsing raindance inside The Berrics, and we just soaked it all in (Phil even cleaned it all up afterwards! Thanks, Phil!) Last but not least, we dedicated the last week in September to one of skateboarding’s brightest lights, The big Boss man himself, Andrew Reynolds. September: That was skateboarding.

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