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PROCESS — Rodrigo Petersen Switch Bigspin Bluntslide – Los Angeles, CA

There’s a mindset today, especially in America, whereupon doing things the easy way is doing things the best way. Everyone who’s left skin on the concrete or blood on the stairs, or limped to the car after trying a trick for three hours, knows this to be untrue. There is no easy way when trying to accomplish the impossible, but there is always a Process to getting what it is you want so badly.

In a lot of ways JKWON is the hardest place to skate in LA. Nine times out of ten chances are you’re getting kicked out, and even if you do make it out Sunday in the A.M., the popular spot is insanely packed. Rodrigo Petersen breaks out the generator to light up the Radio Korea spot, snagging one hell-of-a clip in the Process.

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