General Ops


I met Sammy Baca through Ragdoll late in 2004. He was a cool, quiet kid who let his skating do the talking. I liked filming with him right off the bat. No excess babbling, no excuses, just straight to business. He had never seen this spot before this day and when someone suggested a tail drop he nonchalantly replied, “Yeah, maybe,” and was riding away only moments later.

After filming skating for so long, many clips fall through the cracks and never get to see the light of day. Usually it’s because a guy’s sponsors have changed and he’s riding his last sponsor’s gear, or the clip was filmed like shit. This clip of Sammy from 2005 never got used and I’m not sure why. The Pig Wood “Slaughterhouse” video had already come out and not too long after that Sammy got on Baker. I gave these clips to Baker and Shake Junt but perhaps it already looked too dated. Either way you get to enjoy it here, in it’s entirety, uncut. 

—Grant Schubert


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