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THE FRIEND SHIP — Welcomes Jordan Grace

I’ve seen Jordan Grace around Milwaukee since he was just a little dude flying off of everything and being that one little kid. You know, that one at the skatepark, getting juiced off of sugar and being hyper and annoying everyone. Every skatepark has a few of them. But you could tell that he was going to be that one dude someday. You know, that one that can pretty much step on a skateboard and do whatever the heck he wants to (which is annoying in its own way). He eventually bailed on the Midwest a few years ago, and now he’s out doing the dang thing around Long Beach, California—still flying off of everything with an insane amount of confidence. When I ran into him in LA and realized he’s become a mellow, talented adult, I had to offer him a place with The Friend Ship. It only made perfect sense. Anyway, here’s a minute of Jordan Grace for you guys and ladies. Hope you enjoy it. – Tim Olson (The Friend Ship)

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