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Imagine being able to know about Jay Z before he released his debut album, before he ever graced a single TV screen, magazine cover, or had the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. You could share his music with your friends, converting them to fans of this rapper they never heard of before. That’s what Masked Gorilla is all about, introducing you to your favorite rapper before he’s everyone’s favorite rapper.

Now imagine being able to catch this Jay Z guy at your local venue, with only a few hundred people in the crowd, watching him perform from a few feet away. That’s what the UNMASKED Concert Series is all about.

After spending the summer highlighting underground rappers, Masked Gorilla & DC Shoes’ UNMASKED Concert Series wrapped up the year this past weekend with a special treat, Lil B aka Based God.

The Based God is an enigma in every sense of the word, you either “get it” or you don’t. He’s a hard rapper to understand, let alone to try and explain in a brief writeup. He’s a rapper. An icon. An influencer. He makes music he wants to make and has managed to amass a cult following in the process. He’s not signed to a record label. He doesn’t have an agent. He doesn’t have advertisements on his YouTube videos, sell merch, or even sell his music.

In the fifth and final episode of our UNMASKED limited edition music series for this year, we sat down with The Based God to try and figure it all out. We’re not sure if we did, or if anyone ever will, but we definitely left that night more enlightened and inspired. Thank you Based God.

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