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Imagine being able to know about Jay Z before he released his debut album, before he ever graced a single TV screen, magazine cover, or had the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. You could share his music with your friends, converting them to fans of this rapper they never heard of before. That’s what Masked Gorilla is all about, introducing you to your favorite rapper before he’s everyone’s favorite rapper.

Now imagine being able to catch this Jay Z guy at your local venue, with only a few hundred people in the crowd, watching him perform from a few feet away. That’s what the UNMASKED Concert Series is all about.

To some of you, Pouya, may already be your favorite rapper. To others, he may be that new guy you get to tell all your friends about. After covering his come up straight from Miami for the last few years, we had to fly him, Fat Nick, Germ, and the whole Buffet Boys crew out to Los Angeles so they could headline an UNMASKED show. With a packed crowd, Pouya showed everyone what we already knew, that he’s next up.

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