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De Paris Year Book—the makers of the fantastic skate photo almanac—will be releasing their new full-length “3” soon. To whet your appetite, they put together a Yoshi Tanenbaum edit for their “Aus Berlin” section of the video. Ich bin… stoked!

De Paris’s “3” video project is, much like their other efforts, still proudly 100% skateboarding-by-skateboarders. Everything from photographers to art directors to bike delivery dudes—even the people working on the soundtrack—are unabashed, pure skateboarding skateboarders and people who live skateboarding.

“3” is a sort of companion piece to De Paris’s larger annual book project. In fact, much of the footage in the full length is of photos featured in the annual editions. The video features three edits of major European cities: Paris by Guillaume Périmony; Berlin by Mark Nickels; and London by Austin Bristow. Like the books, the video is high quality, artistic, and communicates a mood that sticks with you for long after the video is over. After all, there’s a reason why three is the magic number.

De Paris Year Book’s “3” features solo parts from Michael Mackrodt, Harry Lintell,  and Marca Barbier, and an extra edit of Harry Lintell, extended and uncut. Also includes skating by Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbruggen, Didrik Galasso, Juan Saavedra, Denny Pham, Dennis Busenitz, Kyron Davis, and many more!

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