Genki Sunagawa Rides The Wave In New ‘VHS Mag’ Part

VHS Mag‘s latest video features a ripper from the Okinawan scene—the same scene that gave us Gou Miyagi’s idiosyncratic style—and his name is Genki Sunagawa. Filmed in the U.S. and Japan, Sunagawa’s part is full of surprises (and ABBA) and may make you rethink how you approach a spot from now on.

Sunagawa’s video part (above) is paired with an interesting interview in which he describes his approach to spots, and how he rides the wave and gets over the 15-minute hump:

“I try to charge spots where no one’s touched before or try a trick that’s never been done. That’s the best. Other than that, I just do whatever comes to mind. When I film, I can tell if I can land the trick or not: If it’s a manual trick, I can land it if I have enough time but I get anxious when I’m filming lines. I feel good the first 15 minutes, then I start struggling, and just before I feel like giving up, a good wave comes back again. So when I’m struggling with a trick, I usually wait until that wave comes. If it’s something I really want, I try not to give up.”

Read his full interview at the VHS Mag site.

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