Geoff Rowley Shares His Love For Hunting In ‘Blood Origins’

Geoff Rowley was featured in the premiere episode of the fourth season of Blood Origins, a web series about hunters and why they hunt, recently. Rowley is a conservationist, which means that his reasons for hunting are much more complex than merely trophy hunting.

Blood Origins does an excellent job of framing Rowley’s status as a skateboarding legend (who was incidentally one of the original playable characters in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater—Happy 20th anniversary!) and the pro has several outstanding soundbites to help you understand his point of view on the divisive topic of hunting. “I want to push myself physically, to my absolute limits, when I’m out hunting,” Rowley says. “Just like I do when I’m out skateboarding.” Game recognize game.

We had the distinct pleasure of working with Rowley for his Battle Commander in 2013. Watch it below, along with a few other Berrics gems over the past 6 years (including an interview with the man and Chase Gabor on Ride Channel), below.

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