Gilbert Crockett & The Bust Crew Skate DC’s Pulaski Plaza In New Edit

In other Quasi news… Gilbert Crockett joined Bust Crew for an amazing Washington D.C. day trip recently, visiting the renowned Pulaski Park (made famous by Chris Hall, Pepe Martinez, and Bobby Worrest, to name a few). It’s nice to see that while the nation is seemingly wrapped up in a historic impeach trial, Bust Crew is out there, mere steps from the Capitol, getting downright federal on that gorgeous plaza.

‘Pula$ki’ features Jon Rowe, Crockett, Ty Beall, Daniel Ravenal, Gary Gunwald, Justin Henry, Josh Wilson, Dane Barker, Will Rosenstock, Cory Bittle, Dylan Messer, and the one and only Pat Burke. Check out Bust Crew’s full-length Nightmarevan here.

Crockett has ro-sham-bo’d with us a few times back in the day; check out those early BATB matches—versus Kerry Getz, P-Rod, and Shane O’Neill—below:

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