Gilbert Crockett’s Spitfire Wheels Interview Covers His Many Upcoming Projects

Spitfire’s Gilbert Crockett wears many hats, and the brand picked his brain about all of them in a recent interview for their ‘Keeping The Fire Burning’ series. In the chat, he touches on an upcoming shared part with Elijah Berle, a new pro model for Vans, and his burgeoning denim line for his brand and store, Cee Blues. What’s his secret for moving forward with new projects and achieving his goals? Don’t multi-task, and tackle on one thing at a time:

“I may be busy but I am very unorganized and I feel very ADD, haha. I’m obsessed with one thing at a time, and the other interests go to the back burner until I have the time and the mental capacity to work on them again.”

Read the full interview at the Spitfire site!

Crockett has ro-sham-bo’d with us a few times back in the day; check out those early BATB matches—versus Kerry Getz, P-Rod, and Shane O’Neill—below:

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