GINO IANNUCCI — Reintroduces Poets

At this point, there’s no reason to harp on Gino Iannucci’s style. It’s been well-established that he’s one of the smoothest people to step on a skateboard in any era. If you’re not a fan, you have questionable taste to say the least.

But Gino’s style is not limited to just his skateboarding. He comes from that moment in our collective history when seeking out rare Nike and adidas and vintage Polo was just as much a part of our culture as taking technical ledge tricks to picnic tables

Given those two bullet points, it’s hard not be excited about Iannucci reintroducing Poets—his former shop on Long Island that he seems to be rebranding as a clothing line. While we were all out ringing in the New Year on Sunday night, Poets quietly uploaded its first commercial to YouTube. 

Have a look at this uniquely Gino edit above.

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