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Ginwoo and Gustavo Ribeiro’s Back to Back Battle | On Call with Steve and Eric

Ginwoo Onodero and Gustavo Ribeiro are no stranger to pulling off their signature tricks in clutch moments, so when the two Jart riders came to The Berrics, Eric Koston and Steve Berra had to put their consistency to the test. The rules are simple: the first skater to successfully execute their signature trick three times in a row, wins.

Gustavo, the reigning 2022 SLS World Champion can break out his iconic 360 flip noseblunt at the drop of a hat and the incredible 13 year old prodigy Ginwoo, who just broke the X-games record for youngest Men’s Street Skateboarding Gold Medalist, can pull of his front blunt kickflip out on command… but the question remains: who is more consistent? We’re about to find out…

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