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Giovanni Reda Directs Music Video Starring Beatrice Domond In NYC

OG Berrics family Giovanni Reda has become one of skateboarding’s foremost documentarians; recent projects with Brian Anderson and Nora Vasconcellos have established the renowned photographer as someone who can tell a mean story. His latest work continues in the storytelling mode: Reda’s music video for Four AM’s single ‘Downtime’ is a time capsule of one night in New York City, starring Beatrice Domond and Mia Kerin.

‘Downtime’ also involved the participation of RB Umali (as filmer and editor) and Ben Harper (video production)—that’s some serious skate royalty. Watch the video above!

If you’ve followed The Berrics since back in the day, you probably have more than a few personal favorite Reda moments. His in-your-face, improvised aggression was unique and his encyclopedic skate knowledge made him an incredibly engaging interviewer. (Reda: Where’s your podcast??) He’s also the voice of our weekly ‘Bangin’ segments, so chances are you have Reda’s dulcet tones deep in your subconscious right now. Check out some of our favorite Reda moments below!

And this is where your weekly dose of Reda comes from:

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