Girls Skate Network Hits The Streets With WBATB’s Soto, Jacobs, Duran, Brevard & More

Monique O’Toole, also known as “Momo,” has been filming out in the streets with the world’s emerging women skaters for years. Her full-length Quit Your Day Job (co-filmed with Erik Sandoval) was the first all-female full-length produced, and today she released an edit for “Girls Skate Network” featuring many of the competitors for the first Women’s Battle At The Berrics.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with these rad women, but just watch “Momo Cam Episode 10” and get stoked for our inaugural WBATB match, featuring Lacey Baker and Mariah Duran, airing Saturday.

“Momo Cam Episode 10” features Jenn Soto, Mariah Duran, Neex Washington, Eliana Sosco, Sam Narvaez, Samarria Brevard, Julia Brueckler, Nanaka Fujisawa, Hayley Wilson, and Candy Jacobs.

Check out some videos we did with Brevard and Soto, and the “Skate Girls” series we produced for Urban Outfitters on International Women’s Day 2017, below:

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