Graffiti Artist HUFR Commemorates Keith Hufnagel With Mural In LA

Keith Hufnagel‘s passing in September, at the age of 46, devastated the skate community. Graffiti artist HUFR paid tribute to him with a mural in downtown Los Angeles recently, using a classic Hufnagel ollie photo for reference. The artist shares his feelings about the legend, along with some footage of the project, above—follow HUFR 365’s YouTube channel (and hit that notification button) to see more of his future graf exploits.

Born in 1974, Hufnagel quickly became a notable skater in the NYC scene and emerged in the ’90s as one of the era’s most powerful and stylish skaters, at a time when technical trends weren’t exactly synonymous with “style.” Hufnagel’s gift for aesthetics helped make him a streetwear pioneer, with his brand HUF (born from his San Francisco retail store) becoming a worldwide success.

Hufnagel died on September 24 after battling brain cancer.

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