Grant Yansura Is Out Here Grinding In Latest Edit

WKND mastermind Grant Yansura has been known to become obsessed with certain tricks, taking them to every spot until he’s satisfied. The problem is: Yansura is never satisfied. This former Berrics filmer (and designated comic relief) famously released a boardslide-only edit for his Cosmic Vomit series, and now he is putting both trucks on the line with an edit consisting exclusively of 50-50 grinds; wallie, roll-on, slappy, and traditional ollie-style are all fair game. Watch his autobiographical ‘Trang 50’ part above, filmed by Ty Evans, Scuba Steve, and more!

Watch Yansura’s Weekendtage “TV” episode, along with WKND’s Trajectory from 2016, below.

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