Harmony Korine Directs Gucci Short Film Featuring Skateboarding Hot Dog

Gucci‘s latest short film goes great with mustard and relish. Harmony Korine’s “Duck Duck,” shot entirely with Snapchat Spectacles, features a hot dog on a skateboard and we have to say: This one’s a real wiener. Filmed in Miami, like Korine’s latest feature The Beach Bum, this plump frank is living its best “suns out buns out” life.

You may remember that Gucci incorporated skateboarding into its #GucciGrip campaign a few months ago, too. By enlisting the screenwriter of Kids—the era-defining 1995 film which featured Harold Hunter, among others—the brand is making unprecedented moves to connect with skateboarding. While we don’t exactly understand either of these marketing plans, we applaud their attempts to subconsciously associate skateboarding with luxury, and frankfurters.

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