There’s one day left to donate to the Harold Hunter Foundation’s annual fundraiser. This is a cause that every skateboarder should support.

*For 11 years, HHF has supported the NYC skateboarding community, providing transformative experiences to thousands of marginalized youth, through the annual Harold Hunter Day event, the Skate Camp Scholarship Program, as well as a variety of pilot programs including the Rider Development Program, Brownsville Skate Program, and Kickflip Digital Media Program. *

*In 2018, we will embark upon an ambitious plan that directly responds to the need to provide more comprehensive services, supports, and opportunities for the young people that we serve. We’ve formed several new partnerships and funding relationships that will allow us to provide young people with resources to promote their successful growth and development, but we still need your help to make these opportunities a reality. *

Your donation to the Harold Hunter Foundation will enable us to supplement our existing programs with mentoring, life skills workshops, and college/career readiness activities for young people who would otherwise have no access to these vital services.

Thank you for your continued support!

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