Harry Bergenfield’s ‘She’s Cheating’ Is Monogamous For Philly

Philadelphia is one of those cities that captures your heart and won’t let go (just ask Kalis). Filmer Harry Bergenfield is just one of many skaters who have felt that peculiar heart-tug every time they see a cracked bell, or a juicy grilled steak sandwich… don’t forget the whiz; his latest video ‘She’s Cheating’ brings out the best in her. You’re gonna love his edit—featuring Brian O’Dwyer, Anthony Rosado, Jason Nam, Graeme Turner, Kevin Liedtke, Brian Panebianco, Jahmir Brown, Paris Summerville, Rico Abdou, Joey Marrone, Nazir Wayman, Kris Brown, Orion, Efron Danzig, Keith DeBottis, Chris Dinya, and Mike Ward—above!

Check out some of our classic work in Philadelphia, with Ishod Wair and Kerry Getz, below:

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