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HBO Releases Official Teaser For Crystal Moselle’s ‘Betty’

Prestige TV has finally got its sweaty hands on skateboarding. This week, HBO released the first teaser from its new series Betty, by Skate Kitchen‘s Crystal Moselle and Love‘s co-creator, Lesley Arfin. Focusing on a group of young women who are trying to come up in skateboarding (according to Variety), Betty may be the first time that a skateboarding series has aired on premium cable—it’s not TV, it’s NBD.

But this isn’t HBO’s first game of SKATE: In 2018, skateboarding figured prominently in the fourth season of Ballers—the show about a bearing company that must contend with the rising tariffs placed on ball bearings. Just kidding, this is the Dwayne Johnson show that featured Nyjah Huston and Zion Wright in a heavy “extreme sports media empire” storyline. Ripped from the headlines, right?

Moselle has gotten a lot of press for Skate Kitchen (and Skate Kitchen), but you might be wondering about Arfen. Interestingly, skateboarding has popped up in every one of Love‘s three seasons, including actual skateboarding (not to mention some choice acting from the character Len). Arfin, a Girls writing staff alum, is definitely a fan of skating.

Betty‘s first episode airs in May, and stars Skate Kitchen‘s Dede Lovelace, Moonbear, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, and Rachelle Vinberg.

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