‘Headspace’ Takes You Inside Brad Cromer’s Dome

If Brad Cromer isn’t already on your shortlist of favorite skaters, HUF’s new series ‘Headspace’ is about to change that real quick. In this first episode of the profile/check-in video series, Cromer gives you a peek into his mind (aka the Crome Dome) and lays bare some of his most intimate thought processes. And there are rad clips, too. Check out the video, by Tyler Smolinski, above!

Back in 2015, we invited Cromer to film his best 1-minute run in the park. Watch and learn:

Watch his behind-the-scenes video to se how he developed his line, even changing up one of the tricks near the end of the time limit.

Also, one of the best—and we mean BEST—videos of 2012 is Cromer’s Lo Fi. You can watch it here:

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