HEATH KIRCHART — ‘Epicly Later’d’ Trailer

The reaction that the Bam Margera episode got online suggests that Epicly Later’d may be a hit on Viceland. This is going to get interesting. It’s certainly the first time that the real stories of skateboarders have been told to a broader audience via television. While it’s too early to call what impact this may or may not have, the crossover is going to be interesting to watch.

The next episode focuses on Heath Kirchart. He’s one of our heroes that we hold sacred as a culture. What he’s done on a skateboard and the way he’s done it is truly unparalleled. And when he was ready, he bowed out gracefully. But Heath never disappeared, he remains involved behind the scenes and will still drop a clip for us fans here and there.

Our history with Heath runs deep, like really deep. Needless to say, we’ll be tuning in on Wednesday at 10:00 PM. You should too. In the meantime, we’ll leave this clip from December 2007 below. It’s one of the original posts from the first month after our site’s launch.

Heath Gets The Booth [2007]

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