Help Fairfax Shops—Apt 4B, White Label & Exhibit A—Recover From Looting

Help Fairfax Shops, Apt 4B, White Label & Exhibit A, Recover From Looting

Help Fairfax small businesses recover from Saturday’s looting.

This past weekend, communities all over the world demonstrated in peaceful protest in memory of George Floyd, an African American who was killed in Minneapolis police custody. Unfortunately, in some cities, the protests evolved into looting with small businesses particularly affected; many of these businesses were just beginning to slowly regain some footing after the COVID-19 quarantine had all but wiped out retail revenue for their brick-and-mortar locations. An unprecedented global health crisis suddenly took a backseat to a more pressing call for survival—by any means.

Here in Los Angeles, the Beverly/Fairfax neighborhood was the site of a violent riot on Saturday, ransacking family-owned businesses and major corporations alike, from Adidas to White Label Creamery. The devastating toll is real, but instead of pointing fingers the businesses have banded together to ask for your help. Specifically, Apt 4B, White Label Creamery, and Exhibit A, three family-owned shops in the Fairfax District located on the same block, need your donations to repair their stores and recover. As you can imagine, many of the Fairfax businesses affected by last weekend’s looting are friends of The Berrics, so we ask you: Will you help our friends, even if it’s only a tiny donation? Visit their GoFundMe here.

Thank you for your time, and remember George Floyd.

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