Henry Sanchez is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. From Guy Mariano to Stevie Williams, Sanch has been validated by the best in the business. After taking a long break, Henry has been mounting a silent comeback. And now, he has a new board available. Dead End—a New York-based company that boasts Javier Nunez, Vinny Ponte, and Harold Hunter as alumni—just released the first Henry Sanchez board in over 10 years. The artwork is on point. And it’s manufactured by Prime Wood, the same company that Steve Rocco used in Blind’s glory days. Whether it’s for your wall or your feet, this is definitely something that you want to own. Revisit Sanch’s now-classic part from Tim & Henry’s Pack of Lies [1992] above, then click here to purchase.

HENRY SANCHEZ -- New Pro Model

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