Watch Hina Maeda’s Winning Tampa Pro 2020 Run Here

Tampa Pro 2020 took place over the weekend and,the podiums were topped by Team U.S.A.‘s Nyjah Huston and Japan’s Hina Maeda in the Women’s contest. (Yumeka Oda came in second, and WBATB’s Margie Didal was in third.) Watch Maeda’s winning run from Tampa Pro’s inaugural Women’s event, above, check out the full Finals results below:

Men’s Results

1. Nyjah Huston

2. Shane O’Neill

3. Ishod Wair

4. Alex Midler

5. Kelvin Hoefler

6. Maurio McCoy

7. Mason Silva

8. Dashawn Jordan

9. Luan Oliveira

10. Carlos Ribeiro

11. Manny Santiago

12. Angelo Caro

Women’s Results

1. Hina Maeda

2. Yumeka Oda

3. Margielyn Arda Didal

4. Gabriela Mazetto

5. Ana Rendon

6. Samarria Brevard

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