X Games Releases Uncut Version Of Gui Khury’s Historic 1080

Brazil’s Gui Khury stunned the world over the weekend with his mind-boggling 1080 vert make. To land that trick you have to go into it fakie—just imagine riding backwards that fast on vert… damn! Our heads are still spinning after seeing the footage, and X Games’ YouTube channel has followed up with an uncut version of the NBD today showing the 11-year-old X Games athlete’s celebration afterwards. (The video was filmed by Khury’s proud parents on Friday, May 8.) Watch it above!

Are Brazilian maternity wards stocked with skateboards or something?! Skateboarding’s next generation is breaking barriers in tricks and gender equality; watch some of our work with Rayssa Leal, Filipe Mota, and Marina Gabriela, below, and get stoked for the future!

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