Hjalte Halberg Tells You All About Jarmers In Quartersnacks’ ‘Favorite Spot’

Hjalte Halberg has become known over the past few years for his balls-out skate style, and when you see the Polar pro’s name in the guest credits of any edit it’s basically a seal of quality. But what is his favorite spot? Quartersnacks takes you to Copenhagen, Denmark’s Jarmers plaza—a deceptively hard-to-skate spot with wide cracks and tall ledges—which happens to be Halberg’s stomping ground of choice for this latest edit. You’ve seen this spot in a bunch of video projects, but all the little details that Halberg shares are pretty enlightening: This is a plaza you can spend the whole day at, but the semi-rough flat will have you switching out your board every other day. The hidden history of this spot, as told by Halrberg, is fascinating—watch this very cool edit, above.

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