If you haven’t been following along on Instagram, allow us to quickly bring you up to speed. Yesterday, Atlanta’s Lil Gnar—who has been making a name for himself on SoundCloud as of late—threw down the gauntlet offering up $15,000 USD to any rapper with over a million views on a song that can beat him in a battle. 

Astutely, Berra chimed in from our account saying that if it doesn’t go down at the park with the proper rules and a referee, it doesn’t count. That’s only right when the stakes are this high don’t you think?

Then, earlier this afternoon, Hopsin—who is not to be taken lightly on a skateboard and just so happens to fit the views criteria—answered the call by accepting the challenge.

If everyone is really ‘bout it, this is one rap battle that we can truly get behind!

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