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How Many Ledge Tricks Can Felipe Gustavo Do in 5 Minutes?

Felipe Gustavo is one of the most consistent skaters in the game right now, and he’s here to prove it. Spanish Mike puts 5 minutes on the clock to see just how many tricks Felipe Gustavo can do on the ledge in under 5. From nollie flip crooks, front shuv back nosegrind 180, kickflip nosegrind 180s, to kickflip backside noseblunts, Felipe unleashes a barrage of technical tricks that would take most people their entire life to land and yet, Felipe pulls them off casually in a 5 minute session which might as well be his warm up… It must be nice.

Watch ‘5 Minutes on The Clock with Felipe’, above, and check out some of the videos we’ve done with Felipe over the years:

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