HUF Puts Carl Aikens & Erik Herrera On The Team… Officially

In the past two months we’ve asked one question about Erik Herrera and Carl Aikens, and that was simply ‘Where The Hell Did They Come From?!’ Well, now we know where they’re at—officially. HUF Worldwide revealed that the tight bros from way back are continuing their bond on its team yesterday. Read the announcement, below (and the duo’s intro video above):

“When you got two friends who skate together, travel together, are coming up together, it only makes sense to add them to the squad at the same damn time. You’ve seen Carl Aikens and Erik Herrera running with HUF for a little while now, and after a couple trips from LA to NYC and back again, it’s time to make it official. Carl and Erik for HUF. Video by Tyler Smolinski.”

Check out our recent videos with Herrera and Aikens, below:

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