Los Angeles’s Cleon Peterson has deep roots in skateboarding, having designed deck graphics and logos for some of the most important companies of the nineties. Although Peterson’s contemporary reputation has more of a “fine art” prestige, he’s never forgotten where he comes from.

In his latest project with HUF, “Blood & Soil,” Peterson takes his recurring theme of violence and brutality and expands on it. In his previous HUF capsule (2016’s "In Killing We Live"), Peterson used his monochromatic melee motif to great effect, adding a jolt of adrenaline to the standard streetwear offerings; “Blood & Soil” takes that signature starkness and amps it up even more. Peterson figuratively beats you upside the head, but it hurts so good.

HUF x Cleon Peterson

Timed to coincide with Peterson’s “Blood & Soil” exhibition at Over The Influence gallery in LA, the capsule collection consists of a hoodie, tote bags, and long sleeve and short sleeve tees, and it retails from $40-$80. Visit HUF Worldwide, or HUF’s flagship stores, to buy the collection.

The Cleon Peterson exhibition, which includes Peterson’s new paintings and sculptures, will be on view at Over the Influence from July 8 to August 5.

HUF x Cleon Peterson

HUF x Cleon Peterson

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