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iDabble Video Magazine Releases Issue #17

Jordan Maxham and Sierra Fellers‘s iDabble Video Magazine have been cranking out issues over the past couple of years, and this weekend they dropped the latest issue, number 17. Sit down for a fireside chat with Mark Appleyard as he introduces each segment, including ‘Footy Party’ with Donny Hixson, ‘Trippin’ with A Lost Cause, ‘Creating’ with Matt Watkinson, ‘Places’ at MACBA in Barcelona, ‘You Should Know’ with Hammer Hands, and more! Check out the full iDabble Video Magazine issue #17, above!

Jordan and Sierra have been spending a lot of time behind the camera for iDabble, but over the years the duo has spent a lot of time in front of the camera filming various segments at The Berrics. Check some of our favorites out, below!

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