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iDabble Video Magazine Premieres 16th Issue

Jordan Maxham and Sierra Fellers‘s iDabble Video Magazine has been steadily releasing issues over the past couple of years, and the most recent full mag upload may be the best one yet. This issue features Berrics alumni and flatground fanatic Tom Rohrer in a new segment ‘Giving Back’, which focuses on Tom’s growing Tom’s Tutorials YouTube Channel, a ‘Filmer Files’ segment on current Berrics employee Lando, a ‘Down The Tube’ segment on Nigel Alexander (aka NKA Vids) YouTube channel, and a ‘leftover’ video part from Jordan Maxham. iDabble #16 is a must-watch. Check out the full issue, above!

Tom Rohrer has had several segments throughout his time spent at The Berrics that could have hinted towards his success with his new tutorial channel… His Flatground Finessing video showed he has just about every flatground trick on lock, his BATB 11 match against fellow Tom (Asta) was one for the books, and he even holds a page in The Berrics Trickipedia for frontside big spin heelflips. Take a peek at some of the videos with Tom during his time that he worked here, below. PS, we miss you Tom!!!

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