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iDabble Video Magazine shares Jordan Maxham ‘Leftovers’ Part

After filming about 5 video parts in a two year timespan from 2017-2019, Jordan Maxham felt pretty burnt out on releasing parts. Not only that, but it was the beginning of his next time consuming project, iDabble Video Magazine. Over the past 3 years in between creating iDabble VM’s 16 issues with Sierra Fellers, Jordan has been steady stacking clips which will eventually end up in his part in the upcoming Brooklyn Projects full-length video. But that doesn’t mean everything he’s filmed will end up in his part. As we know, while filming for every video part, there are bound to be extra ‘Leftover’ clips that didn’t make the cut. Now, iDabble has put those clips together for their latest segment, ‘Leftovers’. As Jordan says: “It’s a shame when clips don’t get used… whatever reason it is. That clip that you worked for and the filmer sat there and filmed you for, it still is a clip and it still has a story. It’s nice to bring them to light.”

Watch Jordan’s ‘Leftovers’ part above, and check out some of the projects that Maxham has worked on with The Berrics since way back in the day, below:

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