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Illegal Civ Filmer Davonte Jolly Visits ‘The Nine Club’

Illegal Civ’s filmer Davonte Jolly recently spent a few hours with Chris Roberts and ‘The Nine Club’, and he talked about how he got into skating, and why he started filming; how he learned to edit his videos, and what the process was like to monetize them; getting his first check from YouTube (it just hits different); how he hooked up with Illegal Civ; making the Godspeed full-length (still one of the best video titles ever), and getting millions upon millions of views; and filming Alex Midler’s backside 360 into the Sunset Car Wash bank. This is another 2.5 hour (edited) interview, so you know there’s more… much, much more.

Check out some of our Illegal Civ videos over the past few years, including the brand’s Mid90s takeover, below:

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