Indy Releases Zane Timpson DIY Video

Independent Trucks has released unseen footage from a DIY session with Shuriken Shannon and the recently passed Heroin pro Zane Timpson. The video is mostly Rhino and Shuriken Shannon, but there are some cameos by SD Indy riders and one inspired benihana by Timpson. Watch the edit and maybe learn a thing or two about constructing an “up ledge” above.

The Heroin Skateboards pro was born and raised in Leucadia, California, and moved to San Francisco in 2013 and stayed there for nearly seven years. Encinitas was his home until he died last November at 26 years old.

Timpson approached everything differently, conquering larger-than-life skatespots and taking extra pushes down the steepest, most horrendously unpaved hills. Watching any of his hillbombing footage you can be fairly certain that this was a guy who deeply loved to skate—and skate fast. His Heroin ‘Sufferlove’ part from last summer shows just how fearless and joyful Zane Timpson’s skating could be. Timpson talked about the importance of pushing yourself as far as you can in his recent Bronson Speed Co. day-in-the-life video: “You’re always getting humbled, and that’s how it should be… If you’re not getting humbled, you’re not trying.”

Eerily, Timpson shared some memories of Henry Gartland in ‘Life In The Fast Lane’, and also of his aunt Linda, revealing that he carried her death certificate and ashes with him wherever he goes. He also revealed the origin of his first name:

“Zane is an end-of-the-credits sitcom name; my mom came up with it,” Timpson recalls in the above video. ”Basically, my mom was in the hospital for something baby-related and saw this character that she really liked on a show, and in the credits the actor’s name was ‘Zane.’ So that’s where she got the idea for the name.” RIP Zane.

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