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INSIDE TRACK — She Wants Revenge

Most of you know by now that Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge is a good friend of the Berrics, but what some of you may not know is that his knowledge and love of skateboarding is just as deep as any of you on the site and any of us creating it. That’s especially impressive for a guy in a band that has tons of hot girls attend his shows just so they can hear him sing. Instead of sitting down and doing a one on one interview and running the risk of asking questions he has no interest in answering, we simply pre-loaded an iPod shuffle with the new She Wants Revenge album, Valleyheart, gave it to him along with a pair of Skull Candy headphones, and told him that if anything came to mind while he listened to what he created, well, we wanted to hear it. It’s the ultimate inside track and I’ll take hearing it straight from the creator, with no conjecture, rumor, or hearsay, over the critic who only loves the sound of his own voice, any day. Enjoy. — sb