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Help Spread Awareness Of This Instagram Phishing Scam


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Over the past few days a widespread phishing scam has plagued popular Instagram skate accounts, including Ribsman, Chris Pierre, and more, offering that “verified” check mark that we all crave. After the account is successfully “phished,” the scammer will quickly revise all the passwords and then offer to sell the account back to you. (One skater’s ransom was reportedly in the area of $1,100.) If you receive any DMs like the one above, please do not click on any links! Report and block the account immediately.

We know how hard you work to build up your following and know how devastating it could be to lose it all with a couple clicks, so be smart and remember that Instagram will never contact you to verify your account. Also: Don’t use 3rd party apps that want your account information; check the URLs that these links send you to; and never discuss your account with anyone you don’t know. We hope this warning will save at least one of you some heartache!

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