Interview: Liam Pace On His Monster Army Part

pace interview

Photos: Dave Swift

Monster Army heavyweight, Liam Pace, just dropped a new skate part on The Berrics. This part should really be called “Defying Gravity” with Liam’s all or nothing mentality paired with his arsenal of technical flip tricks. While taking a break from filming in Malibu, Liam called us to talk about the creation of new skate part, Monster Army, and his plans for X Games 2022. 

Film, Van Trips, and The Berrics

“For the Berrics video, once I moved out to California, I never really had the opportunity to film a video part. I had met up with Josh “Peacock” at some contests in the years prior, and we got along and just kind of started filming. We’d hop on van trips and day by day we’d keep filming clips. In this part are clips from our Oregon Coast trip, which had the best skate parks and nature to experience. Once we started to grow to like 5-10-15 clips, we were like, ‘Okay, we can film a video or we can turn this into something.’ From there, you start to get a vision of what you have and what you want to get, but you don’t really necessarily always start out with the ‘Oh, I have to do a video or I want this.’ It just kind of comes day by day.”

pace interview

Enlisting in Monster Army 

“Growing up, I always looked up to Grant Taylor and Raven Tershy’s skating, it was inspiring. Then, watching Danny Way do the first backflip, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ In Tucson, where I grew up, the indoor skate park I rode at was called Premises and the owner actually recommended that I should enroll in Monster Army. In November of 2018, after all the AM contests, Monster Army actually hit me up and I joined the roster.

“Monster Army has been there to support me and show me how to grow and manage myself, my time, and my travel. They helped me learn that whole process and help me stay busy as a skateboarder. It’s just awesome to have a company that supports me and what I can do. They make sure I get to all my contests, push my content, and help out as much as they can.”

pace interview

Getting Focused for X Games Japan 2022

After taking Gold in X Games Skateboard Park 2021, Liam’s just beginning to get back into the competitive headspace. “I’ve actually just started to get back into the swing of contest skating. It’s a completely different thing than going out and filming. There weren’t any contests after X Games last year, so I focused on filming. Now, I’m skating parks that are as close to a contest course as possible. I’m skating them as much as I can, so I can stay comfortable with that style of skating. It’s completely different than a park or a spot that you would go film at.” You can find him drinking Monster Assaults, Ultra Gold, and all the Monster Java drinks on the sidelines this summer.

And that’s not all, besides watching him dominate X Games Japan, he’s working on another part with Foundation Skateboards. “They’re going to release two videos this year. I’ll have one part in the first video, and I should have a part in the second video as well coming out later this year.” Liam keeps it simple with a five year goal that we’re stoked to hear: “In five years hopefully I’ll still be doing exactly what I’m doing now, getting busier and busier, continuing to skate in contests, film parts, and release content for all my sponsors.”

So sit back, drink a Monster, and watch this Army heavyweight defy gravity in his latest part here

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