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Ira Ingram Interviewed on The Nine Club Episode 284

Ira Ingram has seen more than his fair share of live skateboarding events, covering a plethora of skateboarding events in his career including Tampa Pro, ETN live shows, and many of our Battle At The Berrics Finals Nights. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work skate broadcasting, Ira is your man. Sit down for a two hour discussion with The Nine Club that covers how he got into his first live skateboarding event, the chaos of broadcasting a Battle At The Berrics finals night live production, filming Red Bull’s “You Good” video & Sheckler’s drop in on a Taipei freeway overpass, the dangers of using a bungee, how he got the name CurbKiller, his curb part “Mid Life Crisis”, getting a guest board on Heroin Skateboards, Filming Ryan Sheckler’s new part “Lifer”, growing near El Toro and trying to grind the lesser known 22 stair handrail, getting working for 411VM, working the live shows for ETN, the Zane Timpson documentary and much more!

Tap in with CurbKiller to learn the goods above, and check out our ‘Dinner and a Movie’ with Ira and Alex Midler as they watch Alex’s ‘You Good?’ part, below!

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