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Ishod Wair’s Chronological Order Video Part

When Ishod Wair goes on a team trip, he comes back with enough footage for an entire video part. Literally. Back in 2020, Ishod went on Mason Silva’s SOTY trip to celebrate with the homies, explore new spots, and do what he does best… stack clips! While a lot of those clips didn’t make the Spritz and Destroy edit, we’re lucky enough to be able to see the lost footage, thanks to the Real Skateboards TM, Tim Fulton, who sat down and edited this part with Ishod into “Chronological Order.”

Watch Ishod’s “Chronological Order” part, filmed by Matt Bublitz, Mack Scharff & Ryan Lee, and edited by Ishod Wair and Tim Fulton, above!

We’ve been blessed enough to work with Ishod on several projects, check out some of our favorites, below!

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