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THE SKATEBOARD MAG #157 — New Issue Out Now

tsm 157 issue out now

April is the month for spring cleaning, and in keeping with that spirit you may notice some subtle changes in this April issue of The Mag. We’ve rearranged the furniture, so to speak, and we present to you our version of feng shui (we think you’ll like the new direction). Issue 157’s cover, featuring Gonz in namaste-coffin repose, is just the beginning: New Balance Numeric travels Asia; Louie Lopez answers a few questions; Jerry Hsu shares personal photos from his time touring with Osiris (circa the release of The Storm); adidas goes to South America (in an article written by Skin); staff photographer Jacob Messex puzzles over a unique photo collage; and much more!

The Skateboard Mag issue #157 is here, buy now!

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